We’ve put together a list of funding sources, local expertise and further information for your assistance.

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Nonprofit Lifecycles

In 2007 we began to explore more sustainable and long-term ways to support the important work of nonprofits in our community and we were delighted to discover the work of Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens and the Nonprofit Lifecycles methodology though her book “Nonprofit Lifecycles: Staged Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity”. This framework shows the importance of growing strong, durable organizations. The theory behind Lifecycles is that all organizations go through developmental stages – those that have the most impact, and are sustainable in the long run, understand their specific stage and consciously strive to progress. Developmental stages are also seen in nonprofit structural components, especially the “table legs” that must be strong and in alignment in order for programs and missions (table top) to succeed. The table legs are governance, management, resources and administrative systems.
To learn more about Nonprofit Lifecycles and this framework, please check out the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute.

Local Consultants

Our belief in building organizational capacity extends to building community capacity, especially when it comes to consultants. A variety of local consultants have provided us with their contact information and skill sets. You may review the qualifications spreadsheet to learn which local consultants have self-identified their expertise in specific areas; their contact information can be found by clicking here.

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