Our Vision

Through initiatives, grantmaking, and community engagement, The Gifford Foundation directs its support with intentionality to meet organizations and individuals where they are and assist them in attaining their stated goals through capacity building.

Our History

It all began with the birth of Rosamond Gifford on September 15, 1873 (though it should be noted that Ms. Gifford consistently shaved about ten years off of her age – her tombstone records her birth date as April 15, 1882). Rosamond was the daughter of William H. Gifford and Mary Augusta Skinner. William H. Gifford was a well-known attorney in Syracuse and a former District Attorney.

Our Team

The biggest asset we have is our team. Their diverse range of expertise form the basis of our capacity building initiatives. You can expect to see them out and about, engaged in helping the community they serve.

Our Board of Trustees

Engaged in the community. A willingness to listen. Bringing different backgrounds, connections and perspectives to the table. We strive to lead by example and it all starts with our governing body.

Financial Information

In the interest of providing a deeper insight into our work, we provide access to our IRS 990 forms which reflect our ongoing contributions to the community.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, or for more information.

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