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Presenting our Local Consultants Directory

Our directory of Central New York (CNY) based consultants includes a wide array of specializations, expertise, and experience.

*Please keep in mind that inclusion in this list does not necessary reflect an endorsement from The Gifford Foundation.

The Winter 2021 Newsletter

The Transformation of Arts Organizations

Supporting Our Community Since 1954

Through initiatives, grantmaking and neighborhood engagement the Gifford Foundation strengthens community assets in order to improve the quality of life for the residents of Central New York.

Capacity Building

We help nonprofits build the skills and resources necessary to boost their impact.


Since our inception, we have given out over $44 million to CNY nonprofits.

A Network of Support

Our staff works to facilitate development and growth within our community.

Our Vision

We recognize that there are many individuals and organizations who have a drive to make a difference within their community. Unfortunately, a lack of resources and training can stand in the way of making these ideas a reality. For over sixty years, the Gifford Foundation has provided the grants and leadership training necessary to facilitate broad, community based change across CNY. Our capacity building initiatives help raise the bar for what’s possible.

Over $44 million in grants awarded

Grantmaking is traditionally reactive, but in line with our belief in community engagement we emphasize a personal approach. By developing a relationship with each grantee, we are better able to help them become strong and durable forces within our community.

Grants awarded since our founding

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Lessons and stories about building civic engagement in today’s world.


Resources about capacity building and grantmaking have been updated to reflect the latest developments.

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Take a look back at the origins of The Gifford Foundation as we celebrate our 66th year.

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ADVANS Program Evaluation Summary

ADVANS Program Evaluation Summary

We preach the value of self-assessment to all of the organizations we work with. After running the ADVANS capacity building program for more than 13 years and investing nearly $4 million into it, we wanted to properly gauge its impact and effectiveness. The completion of this report marks the first time in the Gifford Foundation’s history that a program evaluation of this nature and magnitude has been conducted.

Broadening Perspectives: Staying Nimble, Compassionate, and Connected

Broadening Perspectives: Staying Nimble, Compassionate, and Connected

Across Central New York, the United States, and the world – 2020 has been a year defined by disruption. As we prepare for the holidays and look ahead to 2021, we need to understand what that disruption really means and how we can prepare for it. At the Gifford Foundation, we believe that the key to this lies in balancing consistency in mission with flexibility in practice.

Quick on Your Feet: Why Nonprofits Need to Adapt

Quick on Your Feet: Why Nonprofits Need to Adapt

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the rate of things coming at you is increasing,” says Jennifer Bonnett – President and CEO of the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute. “Our ability to be nimble is key.” The coronavirus pandemic, a rapidly changing economy, and unprecedented tech advances are just some of the disruptions that are forcing nonprofits to update their operations.

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