Project Safe Neighborhoods

Since 2004, The Gifford Foundation has partnered with the US Attorney’s Office to administer funding for Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) – a Department of Justice grant aimed at community-wide violence intervention and prevention. Since then, we have helped distribute more than $5,000,000 to a diverse spectrum of agencies and organizations.

Our role has evolved over the years, moving from a pure fiscal agent who was primarily responsible for accepting and disbursing funds to becoming an authentic partner in the grantmaking and award process. Through these grants, we have worked with the Syracuse City Police Department, the Salvation Army, Onondaga County, the John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety, and many others.

The Gifford Foundation now serves as the fiscal agent for PSN funding within the following regions:

  • Northern District of New York State
  • Southern District of New York State
  • Eastern District of New York State
  • The State of New Jersey

What is Project Safe Neighborhoods?

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a federal grants program made available by the Department of Justice. The mission is to leverage national funding resources to support locally crafted anti-violence solutions. The program operates in all 50 states and is managed through the US Attorney’s Office. PSN projects typically incorporate both enforcement and prevention components, and all are required to have a strong research component to ensure data collection and analysis. Project Safe Neighborhoods first launched in 2001 and has operated continuously since then.

How Can I Apply?

New Applicants: All new requests associated with federal grants/PSN funding should be directed to our Associate Director, Lindsay McClung at

Existing Applicants: If you have worked with Gifford in the past to apply for a federal grant, you can log into Foundant, our online grantmaking platform, using the button below.

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