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Spring 2022 | The Employment Issue

Broadening Perspectives: Growing a Healthy Office Culture

Gifford’s Executive Director Sheena Solomon shares lessons she has learned on managing a team, and reflects on how The Gifford Foundation’s past Executive Director Kathy Goldfarb-Findling influenced her leadership style.

Deep Dive: Understanding Employment in Syracuse

Aimee Durfee moved to Syracuse two years ago from San Francisco where she oversaw a network of 15 different job training programs. Now she serves as CenterState CEO’s Director of Workforce Innovation, helping to boost employment and job retention among CNY residents and businesses.

We sat down together to better understand the employment landscape in Central New York. How can employers attract and hold onto better candidates? How is The Great Resignation affecting Syracuse? What strategies are being used to help get people back to work? Her efforts with such initiatives as Syracuse Build, Work Train, and Syracuse Surge reveal important lessons about how employment standards are evolving and how we can best adapt.

We are now accepting applications for Embracing Disruption!

The Embracing Disruption Cohort is a 17-month capacity building program developed to support organizations as they navigate a rapidly changing environment.

Looking to the future, perhaps the only prediction that we can make with any certainty is that the coming years will continue to bring extreme upheaval in nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. The institutions that survive will be those who are the most adaptive, creative, and flexible. The Gifford Foundation is committed to providing nonprofit organizations across CNY with the resources they need to navigate the unique challenges that lie ahead.

Two AccessCNY employees sit on a blue floor mat while helping a young program participant with an activity.

How AccessCNY Reinvigorated their Hiring and HR Practices

AccessCNY’s history offers inspiration for how to overcome workforce obstacles by investing in their employees and establishing clear communications systems.

AccessCNY is a leading service provider for people living with developmental disabilities, and they have seen firsthand how shifting expectations between employers and employees can impact an organization’s health.

Why You Need a Remote Work Policy (and How to Craft One)

By Ginny Biesiada

Human Resources Consultant Ginny Biesiada shares her tips and tricks for crafting an effective remote work policy for your office. In this article, she explores the key points that such a policy should articulate and identifies why having a fixed and transparent set of standards can make life easier for both employers and employees.

Resources from beyond our region:

How does your salary compare?

This resource from DonorBox breaks down salary ranges for common nonprofit roles, and explores some of the factors that determine compensation structure within a nonprofit.

Attracting New Talent

NonProfitPro outlines three tips for recruiting and retaining employees at your nonprofit.

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