Black History Month: Time Travel with Gifford

Published February 23rd, 2023, By Maximilian Eyle

For nearly 70 years, Gifford’s resources have flowed into all communities and sectors of Central New York through more than 3,000 grants and over $45 million awarded.

But as we celebrate Black History Month, we wanted to look back through time at the ways in which we have served the Black Community.

The Black Community has always been an essential part of the fabric of Central New York, despite historically being excluded from the decision making tables and resource pools that sustain and shape our region.

As we look to build a more equitable and inclusive future, history has taught us that grant dollars will only do so much to fix the problem. Although funding will always be a central pillar to our approach, Gifford has increasingly used its influence to open doors and reshape power structures through education and relationship building.

Thank you for being our partner in this work as we build a more enriching, safe, and accessible community for all residents.

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